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Topic: Innovation Science
Title: The Science of Innovation

Cover Layout

The cover picture illustrates the manifestation of new value by appropriate cognition.

What one doesn’t see:
What is the substance of innovations? Why is there a sudden necessity for a novelty, when it has never been necessary before? How can something genuinely new can emerge from what is already existing? Is there a science which can explain the generation of inventions and technological progress.

What’s behind it:
Inventions are intentionally generated – they are not just lucky coincidences. Especially for industrial engineers, innovation is the result of management by engineering projects, marketing efforts and inventive processes. Modern civilization bears on a new science to generate suitable things in order to enhance the economy, to improve and to disrupt business cases and to advance technology. Obviously, it requires a thorough understanding of innovation culture, different phases, success factors, and promoters to pursue innovation projects. Further, it needs a comprehension of the barriers for innovation marketing as well as the abilities to overcome them by diffusion, design, and opening. And it takes considerable methodological skills to stimulate and to elaborate inventions by development, research, prognosis, and creativity.

What you can obtain from it:
This book offers a comprehensive approach to innovation management. Based on a solid scientific basis, it provides concepts to initiate, pursue, target and supervise innovation projects through specific action steps. Suitable methods are given for inventions by development, research, forecast, and creativity. Each chapter offers examples and shortcut rules to facilitate the comprehension for the reader. Moreover, the author explains the historic origins of innovation and its role in economy, business, and technological progress, underlining the importance of innovation for the improvement of business or the disruption of established models. The science of innovation aims to give a solid theoretical background to students of appropriate academic courses and to anyone interested in supporting and developing innovation projects.

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The Science of Innovation, De Gruyter Textbook, Berlin 2016
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